COP 24 Update

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Utilizing digital innovations - Growing a global network to support blockchain to enhance climate action


In January 2018 the launch of the Climate Chain Coalition was announced to invite stakeholders to get involved. Since then over 140 organizations and initiatives have joined the Coalition, demonstrating interest in blockchain across all regions, sectors and stakeholder groups. The Coalition is co-chaired by the Secretariat to support networking and help guide coordination across stakeholders.


Coalition members have held meetings and events during the One Planet Summit in Paris, France December 12, 2017, Innovate4Climate conference in Frankfurt, Germany May 25, 2018, Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, USA September 11, 2018, as well as many other presentations and web-meetings. During COP24, the Coalition will have an exhibit booth and an official side event on December 10, 2018 (11:30 - 13:00, Room Pleniny).


It is exhilarating to see Coalition members advancing their blockchain solutions across a range of applications including GHG registries, carbon credit trading, supply chains, low-carbon communities, adaptation, and climate finance. Some of the leading sectors to apply blockchain for climate action are renewable energy, forestry and land use. Visit the Coalition website to see the membership and connect.


























What’s Next:


New and future areas of work include digital MRV, which combines blockchain with other digital technologies such as IOT-connected devices (Internet of Things), as well as innovations for governance, taxonomy, and standards to support blockchain applications for climate and sustainability. The Coalition is cooperating with the World Bank and leading experts to advance the state of knowledge across a number of issues for the use of blockchain and digital solutions for networked carbon markets. Over the course of 2018 the Coalition has compiled market research and will publish a report in early 2019 about the activities and priorities of members to help inform stakeholders about the future direction of blockchain for climate actions.


Get Involved:


The Climate Chain Coalition is an open network for organizations to join - visit Member organizations then have access to the Coalition online platform to facilitate member interaction (events, reports, dialogue, etc.) In addition, a LinkedIn group has been set up for anyone to join. For more information email us at:


Further resources:


ClimateKIC Report: Distributed Ledger Technology for Climate Action Assessment

WEF Report: Building Block(chains) for a Better Planet

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