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Digital SDG Finance Bulletin: How Can Digital Tech Help Raise Money for UN SDGs?

We are happy today to launch the first edition of the Bulletin, a new quarterly publication that covers the most innovative digital tools and systems being used to mobilize funds needed to bridge the UN Sustainable Development Goals financing gap. 


The Bulletin is being produced by the Climate Chain Coalition Finance and INATBA’s Climate Action Working Group with support from Refinitiv and


Launched during the uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bulletin’s first issue focuses on:


  • Finding digital answers to global sustainability threats

  • Digital tech as a key enabler of the European green deal

  • Key digital trends that are helping to bridge the $2,5 trln SDG finance gap 


“In addition to the need for trillions of dollars of finance annually for effective climate actions on mitigation and adaptation, innovative solutions are needed for how climate finance flows
to and among stakeholders, as well as the digital MRV of climate finance to support the efficacy and veracity of impacts,” Tom Baumann, Founder and co-chair of CCC, founding member and co-chair of INATBA Climate Action Working Group. “As we seek these solutions, the Bulletin will provide a useful platform to engage stakeholders in that important conversation.”


Alexey Shadrin, founder and CEO of Evercity and CCC finance working group leader, said the Bulletin will serve as a useful source of information to deal with unprecedented crises.


“Unprecedented crises like climate change and its growing consequences – new deadly viruses, rising sea levels or extreme weather events - force us to immediately rethink global economic and social systems,” he said. “During the COVID-19 pandemic and way before, digitalization has shown us successful examples of faster transparent evaluation and distribution of resources to where they are most needed. These early examples may serve as the building blocks of a more sustainable and prosperous future for our World. But if there is any way out of the current situation, we can certainly find it only all together, and digital technologies can help bring down the dividing walls by allowing us to better understand and trust each other.”

“This initiative comes in line with our commitment to invest in ESG and sustainability in a broader sense. Demand for ESG is ultimately coming from the end investors; as financial institutions are beginning to adopt ESG into their operations to meet end consumers’ demands, Refinitiv will provide access to its data, insight, technology and unrivaled expertise to support these new emerging needs.” said Antonio De Gregorio, Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe, Refinitiv.

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