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CCC founding meeting during the Open Planet Summit in Paris, 2017

From its founding meeting with 12 organizations during the One Planet Summit in Paris in December 2017, the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) continues to grow at a rate of 2 new organizations per week and now has over 170 members across 44 countries (explore our searchable map) – demonstrating clear global interest to leverage digital solutions, particularly blockchain and distributed ledger technologies – to enhance climate actions in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, and related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Knowledge sharing and collaborations are essential to help blockchain and related digital solutions grow from early stage developments and to mature scaled-up technology serving sustainability. Via CCC public events during major conferences, including COP, as well as viaonline platforms, the CCC has reached thousands of stakeholders (join our LinkedIn group). In addition, the CCC and members have collaborated on research, for example with the World Bank’s Carbon Markets and Innovation group. Looking ahead, CCC members and stakeholders are cooperating to mobilize resources to establish a Global Climate Action Data Center that will bring together innovations from across the CCC membership and related initiatives.

CCC members self-organize themselves into teams, for example regional teams or subject matter teams. CCC members are developing and deploying pilots, researching technologies and applications, managing hackathons and collabathons, as well as hosting regional events and facilitating networks. The CCC membership is a multi-stakeholder community bringing a diverse mix of interests and capabilities to the exploration and development of blockchain and DLT for climate actions.


In line with our Charter, the CCC openly welcomes organizations with an interest to advance the ability of blockchain to help mobilize finance for climate and enhance climate actions. In marking our 2 nd anniversary during COP25, we have produced a report that provides an overview of CCC member interests and priorities. We encourage you to collaborate with the CCC and with CCC members.

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Tom Baumann, Co-Chair

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Massamba Thioye, Co-Chair

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